Compatibility information in the manual not matching source code?

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Compatibility information in the manual not matching source code?

Hartmut Holzgraefe-4
AFAIR the upgrade/downgrade compatibility information on manual
sections like:

was generated from the information found in the source file


but when looking at the 7.2 documentation I see a downgrade
compatibility break between 7.2.13 and 7.2.14 while the
source says:

struct NdbUpGradeCompatible ndbCompatibleTable_full[] = {

and doesn't have any 7.2.x specific entry in ndbCompatibleTable_upgrade
at all.

So the ndbCompatibleTable_full entry for 7.2.x <-> 7.2.y says:

  "any version up to the current 7.2.18 is fully upgrade
   and downgrade compatible to 7.2.0 and above"

while the manual says this isn't true between 7.2.12 and 7.2.13?

Which of the two sources is to be trusted in this case, and why the
mismatch between documentation and actual code?

Hartmut Holzgraefe, Principal Support Engineer (EMEA)
MariaDB Corporation |

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